Presenting to clients

Afternoon all,

Im trying to cut down on our use of paper for a drive on ESG.

Our biggest use is for meeting packs. Any suggestions for making this digital with any integrations you may use from IO? PArticularly useful would be any technology your firms use in face to face meetings.

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  • Our director uses a little tablet thing called reMarkable and it's significantly reduced our paper output. It has an app that you install on your laptop/desktop and it's all cloud based so as long as there's an internet connection, you can see notes and documents being updated in real time, whilst the adviser is out and about in meetings.

    We upload all docs that need signing to reMarkable and the clients sign them there and then in the meeting. The only paper docs we provide are for things like plan transfers that can't be done electronically, or any other provider paperwork that can't be digitally signed.

    Can't comment on price as I believe our director bought one when it first launched so got a good deal/package type thing.

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