AF4 Tips

I am now studying for AF4 which is my last exam to be chartered and fellow but am really really struggling with it.
Has anyone got any tip on how to go about this exam?


  • GayleGayle Member

    Hi Hannah

    We have a full structured study plan to support AF4. Here is a short blog with some handy tips :)


  • JT2608JT2608 Member
    Hi Hannah,

    I found AF4 particularly tricky but got there and can fully vouch for the expert pensions material.

    If you haven't done J10, I'd recommend doing them together because of the overlap and J10 is formula heavy and you'll need the same for AF4. You will need to learn, what must be 30 odd formulas which seems daunting but once you get into it, is not as bad as it seems.

    Definitely check out expert pensions.

    You've got this!
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