Defaqto Engage Research Panels


Do any users of Defaqto Engage create panels? I am frustrated because you can't create the same level of audit on filtered products within the research manager that you can when doing the same research at client level. So I accept this is a limitation of the software.

However, I'm then simulating the panel creation at client level to create the filter reporting. This isn't a big job, but it has thrown up a couple of issues:

  1. The filter list in the client research isn't exactly the same as it is in the panel research.
  2. The outcome (when using a set of filters that are matched in both) is different. EG I have a protection panel with 4 providers, when I run it using those filters in client research I'm getting an extra provider.

Has anyone else had this experience and how did you overcome it?

Benjamin Fabi 
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