R02 Exam

Hi all,

I have sat the R02 exam twice recently and failed by 2 and 1 marks. I have been passing the pass papers comfortably. Any ideas on useful content out there that will help me find enough marks to get over the line. Thanks


  • Hi Gmam90 thst is such a shame to fail by just one or two marks. i have every faith the next time you attempt this you will pass with flying colours ! I had simialr with R01 missing rhe pass by 1 mark, the best thng to do is get a breakdown of the aeras you didnt do as well and study them for someone to get 60+ marks correct its about technic rahter than a knowledge problem.

    I am also studying R02 and look to take this exam in the next few months if you had any R02 Study material that you wouldnt mind sharing i would be more than greatful :

    All the best and everything crosed for your next attempt :smiley:

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