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Hi all,

I am Head of Paraplanning at my firm and so far the Paraplanners do the cash flows, analytics, calculation, report writing and filling in all the necessary paperwork for the Advisers meeting, in preparation for the sign up. We have a separate Administration Team who do the LOA's and adding New Business onto the system.

My Paraplanners are constantly fed up with the amount of time that is spent on filling in paperwork. I just wanted to get a feel of who does this paperwork (filling in any required forms) in your firms and if it'is a good use of a Paraplanners time?



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    When I ran a team, we had a separate admin function within the paraplanning team. The reason being the admin a paraplanner does is specialist, but it's also too time consuming to be paying your paraplanners to do. It also created a useful bridge from the general admin team into a paraplanning role for career progression.

    Benjamin Fabi 
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    I've never known paraplanners to do paperwork, like you said it's far too time consuming. I've always known admin teams to do all paperwork and completing of new business. Paraplanners may chip in if it's paperwork for something a bit more complex than say an ISA application, but on the whole, admin (in my experience) are usually fine with completing paperwork.

  • Hello, the admin team complete application forms for us, unless there is a more technical or complex angle, in which case the Paraplanner will. It's all about getting the right people doing the right jobs in a way that gives the best value for the business.

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