Hi all,

I appreciate this forum was set up for Paraplanners to help each other, but I wonder if I could gain some insight coming from a slightly different industry? In my role as an Investment Manager at CS Investment Managers, I regularly engage with IFAs on mutual clients, be it for intergenerational planning, pension transfers or trust work. However, I know that paraplanners do hours of work in the background, so I’m keen to understand what you do in greater detail and what we can do to help. It would be great to speak to some of you and hear more about your roles and of course, I can provide some insights/updates on the investment world which may be of use to you day-to-day.

I’d be keen to establish some links where we can regularly share updates on each of our industries. My email address is [email protected] if anyone would like to reach out for a chat, be it in person or on TEAMS.

Thanks in advance.

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