Month 1 Emergency Tax K tax code (Scotland)

Hi all, I am tying myself in knots here a bit and wondered if someone could help.... We have a client who made a 15K lump sum withdrawal from his fully crystallised FAD pot just at the beginning of this tax year 22/23. He also takes 6K gross per annum from this pot as a reg withdrawal (£500 per month). In addition to this, he gets £13200gross state pension per annum. When we did the month one calc for the 15K we got a different result than HMRC - they deducted £6097.80 tax (we had calculated £5262 emergency and £3085 actual). He has submitted a tax reclaim form but as yet has heard nothing. He now needs another unexpected £3000 net so was going to try to work out the gross withdrawal he will need to take. When we checked, his tax code it is 276K. I do know this will be to do with him getting his state pension paid gross - does he effectively lose his personal allowance? I had read that you multiply the 276 by 10 to give £2760 and add this on to his taxable income... however I feel I am over complicating and just need to find an accurate way to calculate what his gross withdrawal should be to give him 3K net at first go to take into account any extra tax - does this make sense?!

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