Hi - has anyone used FileHaven as a way of sharing documents/files? Could someone confirm how secure this is and the process behind it? Do you invite clients to join and then can share, securely, multiple documents between the two parties?

Any advice appreciated.


  • Using it v succesfully.
    We send an intro email (via normal email) and then you send an invite email via File Haven.
    Use this to send documents / advice reports etc - two way communication so client's send us stuff back as well.
    Security top notch with advanced level of encryption.

    Message threads (once completed) can, if you want to, be downloaded as a zip file and saved to your back office and you can then either archive or delete the message thread (we tend to save to back office and delete)

  • Richard - that's really helpful to know, thank you. I'm always conscious with new software like this to ensure that clients cannot access other clients information so good to know its very secure.

    Is there a maximum document size you can send? I suspect, given the nature of the beast, it'll be absolutely fine.

    Appreciate the response!

  • FIle size - not sure; never had a problem ourselves. If you call FH they can tell you and can organise a demo #notsponsored :)

  • Great idea. I'm sure the file size would be no issue. I know some other software such as dropbox etc can handle the same requirement but I wanted something that was specifically designed for this and File Haven seemed to fit the bill quite nicely.

    Thanks Richard. :)

  • NathanNathan Member

    I would say that you need to do your due diligence on any provider that you use in this space, start by looking at the company on companies house, then check to see that all of the GDPR requirements are met.

    I think what you need to consider is disaster recovery, what happens if the company were to go bust? Do they have sufficient assets to be able to continue to pay the ongoing server costs of holding your data.

    For us, we use dropbox for business so you can specify which country your data is held and Microsoft Teams.

    I hope that is useful.

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