Financial planning - exams and career with ADHD etc.

Hi everyone,

Hope this is ok for the forum, but if people are willing to share I would really appreciate people's experiences of managing work and conditions that might make concentration/ focus etc more difficult i.e. in a paraplanning/ planner support/ financial planner capacity, including the sitting of exams.

What spurred this post is that I'm struggling with passing exams (received a fail for AF5 this morning) and coursework, I am quite comfortable applying the same technical content to reports/ client discussions/ relaying information to colleagues but sitting exams and coursework is proving incredibly difficult for me. It's so demoralising... despite working hard and getting good feedback in all other areas I'm viewed to be working at an unsatisfactory level as I can't pass at the same rate as my peers.

Appreciate any responses or advice, but also thank you for reading.

Have a good weekend all.


  • BeckyJBeckyJ Member

    Hi @Planner12
    An advisor I work with has a child with ASD and ADHD and has come to terms with the fact that he also has ADHD. If it's OK with you, can I share your message and see if he has any pearls of wisdom?

    We are also taking on new admin apprentice soon who is currently undiagnosed, but possibly has ASD/ADHD. We're working alongside an external SENDCO to find out how we can adapt our way of working to help him feel comfortable and reach his potential. I'll feed back any useful nuggets once I get some.

  • AdminAdmin Administrator

    Hello @Planner12

    Thank you for sharing this post and your experiences.

    We were wondering whether more people might benefit from more information and guidance on this topic, and will look into what else we can do.

    @BeckyJ Thank you for contributing to this thread.

    @Planner12 Once again, thank you for sharing.

  • @BeckyJ Of course! I would be more than happy for you to do that. Much appreciated :)

    Thanks Admin! I

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