AF7 Exam - May 2022

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First post here, hope you're all well.

I am now planning on completing my next AF paper: AF7 (for the May 2022 sitting). It could be because I am a little bit fried after my recent AF exam still but I am really struggling to get my head into it. All of the other AF exam textbooks seem to be application of RO materials in case studies, but AF7 seems like an entirely content-based textbook without case studies.

Whilst I am no stranger to academic study I am finding it hard to engage with it. I'm just wondering if anyone has had similar issues with this exam and if so, have you got any tips/helpful points for AF7?

Lastly, I have made a study group on WhatsApp/posted about it on RevisionMate. I find study groups really useful so if you want to join just give me a shout and I'll add you in.

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  • KP23KP23 Member

    The second part of the exam is based on case studies and has the majority of the marks. One will be for someone approaching retirement and the second for someone already receiving DB benefits etc. I think if you can master what they are looking for in terms of what is missing from info provided, or how you would back up the advice that is being chosen. You never actually have to decide the advice yourself, the exam always choses for you, you just have to explain why it make sense.

    Then it's just learning the various lists in the book, like what is required for APTA etc.

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