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Has anyone got a copy of the online form? I'm trying to help with preparing people for doing it but can't see the questions without applying via my gateway!

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    Hi Rich

    I did a very brief guide for clients back in 2016 and have copied and pasted this below. However, I haven't been on since so I don't know if this is the same or not:

    Registering for Individual or Fixed Protection Online

    Follow the following link:

    There are 2 separate logins that need to be clicked on, one for fixed protection and one for individual.

    When you click onto ‘Apply for Individual Protection’ it will ask for a user ID and password. If you don’t have a Government Gateway account just click on the ‘Don’t have a Government Gateway account’ link.

    This will take you through a process to add your name, email and a password. Once you continue, make a note of your gateway ID and the system will then ask for a mobile number for verification and will send you a code (a code will be sent for each time you login for security). Enter the code once received and it will ask you for your full name, NI number, Date of Birth. Finally, it will take you through to a screen for passport number, surname and expiry date so ensure you have passport present.

    This will finalise the gateway registration and take you straight through to the relevant questions for Individual Protection as follows:

    • Before April 2016, did you get money from your pensions, transfer a pension overseas, or turn 75 with money still in a pensions?
    • Have you put money into a pension scheme held overseas?
    • Value of your UK pension savings on 5 April 2016
    • Have any of your pensions been shared in a divorce since 5 April 2016?

    Once these questions are answered there is a ‘Submit Application’ button to finalise the process.

    Then go back to the original link above and ‘Apply for Fixed Protection’. Enter your gateway ID and password and you will receive a verification code by text to finalise. Once logged in, there are no questions to answer just a confirmation statement ensuring other certain protections are not held. You can then click ‘Submit Application’.

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    Thanks @Nath

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