CashCalc vs Voyant

CashCalc vs Voyant. I am a current Voyant user, but considering switching to CashCalc for cash flow planning. I already use CashCalc's onboarding tool.

Keen to speak with anyone who has made the switch from Voyant --> CashCalc (or vice versa). Please do get in touch if you're willing to share your views -


  • Hi Chris

    We use Voyant for cashflow planning. We also have a login for Cashcalc and whilst we use this for the tools available on there and it has some great client integration/onboarding elements, from a purely cashflow planning tool I am interested why you would want to change. Voyant and now Voyant Go in my opinion is streets ahead (from a standalone cashflow planning tool only). I do appreciate though people are willing to forego some of the benefits of Voyant to have a more complete 'package' from a document sharing/onboarding perspective.

    If its purely for cashflow only, I would be interested in why you feel you need to switch though.



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