PFS Paraplanner Networking sessions Wednesday 9th Feb at 12.30 and we're talking Mentoring!

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In case you missed it!

We now have the Teams link for this so if you fancy popping along, just drop me a note and I'll send you the joining info.

Maybe see you there! :)


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    @Caro said:

    Fixed that for you :-)

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  • @Caro said:
    In case you missed it!

    We now have the Teams link for this so if you fancy popping along, just drop me a note and I'll send you the joining info.

    Maybe see you there! :)


    Can you message me the link please Caroline.

    Thanks so much

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    Hello @MLokhandwala - I've just sent it to you :)

    Looking forward to seeing you there :)

  • @Caro Feedback from me on the first session.

    Saw the announcement on FaceBook; used link to request invite; emailed back to say 'someone would be in touch' - this of itself seems bonkers - why wasn't a teams invite email just sent out straight away?
    No one got in touch; had to chase (by which time I had forgotten what day / time it was as it wasn't in my calendar.
    Unfortunately I had to join a little late; was put into a discussion group which seemed to me to be dominated by one person.
    I wasn't able to use my camera (which I explained when I raised my hand to try and have input into the conversation.
    When I was 'brought in' and started to make a point another participant just started talking over me and whoever was controlling the session just let them.
    At this point I just left.
    Overall my experience was extremely poor.

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    Hi Richard

    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience of this. Just to let you know though, I did see and reply to your message on the facebook group and sent the Teams link to you on a direct message.

    I also spoke with the events team at the PFS and when I asked them to look into it, they said that they had no record of your email requesting info. I don't know if the email you had was an auto reply, but they checked all the requests they had and were unable to locate yours.

    The reason why we don't issue the Teams link with the announcement is that we would have no idea of how many people are attending. It is not so much of a problem when doing events on the ON24 system which is one way, but as this was an interactive session, we needed to know how many were coming, so we were able to plan logistically. It is not unusual to have to pre register for an event, and this is standard practice for the PFS and other events with other providers.

    Regarding the actual session you were in, I don't know who was leading yours but I will speak to the team to ensure that everyone is able to contribute in future events . I was in a group where someone was unable to use their camera but happily, they were still able to join in the conversation.

    This was the first one we have done and so whilst we planned for all eventualities as much as we could, you clearly had some teething problems with your experience, which I think is always to be expected with something new. Additionally, it is worth remembering that the panel members who facilitated the sessions are practicing paraplanners and volunteered to help, they are not professional presenters, so I'm sure it would not have been intentional to exclude you. Overall the feedback that we have had on the session has been very good but still, it is disappointing that you were not able to join in as much as you wanted

    Thank you for letting me know and I'll forward your feedback onto the panel to help us improve for future events.

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    @richardgough if you could please let me know which group you were in, (just drop me a message) as I don't know which one it was, we had several!

  • @Caro

    I'm sorry I dont know :(

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