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Just wondered whether anyone has noticed any changes since Morningstar did their update? We used to use the "Investment Growth" report a reasonable amount but after the update, and following a call to Morningstar, apparently this has been removed. Also, apparently, there has been a reasonable number of complaints since this change so wondered if anyone else had experienced this?


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    I logged back into Morningstar and also noticed that the Investment Growth chart wasn't available, which is what we use for some clients. I will certainly be speaking to them about this, as I dont see how the update improve things for us.

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    Apologies for picking this up late. If you haven't already seen it, Morningstar emailed the following message to users on 24 January 2022:

    "In December Morningstar introduced new interactive charts to provide you a consistent product experience and an easy-to-understand visualization to help analyse a fund’s or portfolio’s performance and assess risk. The legacy charts have been historically powered by Microsoft Silverlight, however as Microsoft decided to discontinue the support of Silverlight, we needed to move away from the old Desktop-based Charts to the new Web-based Charts as of Dec. 11, 2021.

    It was brought to our attention that a list of key functionalities have not been moved to the new web based charts, while other functionalities were implemented incorrectly and in some cases producing incorrect data. Morningstar is treating this matter as critical and we have been closely monitoring the situation, assessing every possibility to resolve the current issues. More than anything we would like to apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused for many.

    Interim Solution:
    While the long term plan on new chart implementation is still unfolding, we would like to offer the option to return to the previous version of Advisor Workstation for those who proceeded with the latest update. Although we are confident that the old version will resolve the chart issues, we need to highlight the fact that Silverlight is no longer supported by Microsoft therefore we would be unable to provide support in response to any issues derived from downloading and using Silverlight. Acknowledging this, we treat the current issue as high priority and we are evaluating every possible options to work towards a sustainable and robust solution to ensure the new charts are fully functioning. We hope that reverting back to the old version will provide an interim solution whilst we work on the new charts.

    If you have yet to upgrade the system – please do not proceed with the update when prompted, and continue to click on ‘Update Later’ when you login."

    The email from Morningstar goes on to explain how to install the previous version. However, when I ran this past our IT consultant they warned about installing Silverlight as it is no longer supported by MS and "could" compromise security - albeit they weren't overly concerned and this wouldn't have even arisen if I hadn't installed the update!

    If you contact your usual person at Morningstar or email, they should be able to forward the email, with the instructions, links and zip folder of files to copy!

    Hope this helps!

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