Paraplanning Enquiries question

Hi all

Just a quick question, I received an enquiry over the weekend from someone who is an IFA, and setting up their own business. The only contact info I have is an email address (gmail). There is no telephone number, nothing on Companies House or the FCA register, and no record of membership on any of the CII/CISI/LIBF sites.

I fully understand that there may be any number of reasons why there is no trace of this individual, but it is the very first enquiry I have had of this type, and I'm a bit wary of responding, especially as they are asking for my list of prices and ToB with no chance of an initial discussion.

Has anyone else had this sort of enquiry, and how did/would you deal with it?



  • Hi Andy,

    I received the same type of enquiry a few weeks ago. My response was to offer a zoom to chat through their requirements and where I could best assist.

    I did not receive a reply.

    Hope that helps.

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