Career Average Revalued Earnings (CARE) in Voyant

Hi. We use Voyant for cashflow modelling at the moment, but it doesn't have an option yet to input CARE pensions. Does anyone have a work around for this?

As a follow up, does anyone know of any cashflow planning tools that can account for CARE pensions?



  • Hi, in the accrual section, you can use the "Other" box and put in the accrual as a decimal- e.g. the NHS CARE scheme would have an accrual of 1.85 (1/54 * 100 - I think this is what you have to do but don't have access to the system right now to check!)

    The only issue is you can't revalue the accrued benefits so it will be underestimated. The alternative, which I have done in the past is simply to build it all out in a spreadsheet and put the pension in as deferred with a future value.

    Sorry, don't know of any other systems that do work with CARE, although Intelliflo Planning (i4C) has ironed out a few of the minor frustrations of Voyant so they may have nailed it?


  • Same as Tom, built all out in a spreadsheet and put the pension in as a deferred pension. Only issue with this is that you can't slide the retirement date around as it won't work so be aware of this if using this route.
    I don't know of any others that do CARE on cashflow. I would say Voyant is as comprehensive you can get and would be giving up a lot of pros in voyant vs other software (just my opinion after using Truth and Cashcalc aswell).

  • Hi, as the others have said, manually work it out and enter as deferred future entitlement, with associated flaws.
    Unfortunately @Nath issue on retirement date isn't the only flaw, as the single figure option won't change if big salary jumps/falls are modelled.

    Still the best option though.

    Benjamin Fabi 
  • Thanks @TomLloyd_Read , @Nath and @benjaminfabi . Very useful answers! I've found Voyant can be great, but definitely still has limitations

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