Visual tools to explain technical concepts or portray information?

Hello all,
We all know that a picture paints a thousand words so I was wondering which tools you use to help you?
Thank you


  • Voyant cashflow software

  • Many advisers would say pen and paper. I suppose we want to fill the gap if there isn't a meeting presenting the recommendations but really advisers ought to be painting a thousand words with their pictures, or whatever medium is most effective.

  • Something that has worked well for me in the past is to use a trapezoid shape. Describe what happens on the way in, then in the middle, and then (importantly) on the way back out again. Most financial products fit into it and helps to break them down to just being wrappers/sausage factories in service of a higher goal.
    There is certainly real power in the 'rawness' of a sketch done live (especially with it's imperfections). As you put down the lines they have dynamism. I'm no artist, but that has helped with clients/advisers/paraplanners in the past.
    The other helpful think I have found is to try to speak the recipient's language. Try to connect the concepts across to what they are used to.
    It's something that we need to keep working hard at to avoid George Bernard Shaw's quote “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

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