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Hi all, I've just watched todays Howwow on catch-up. then came across this FTAdviser email I had with various 30 minute CPD courses attached to it, three of which I think could link in quite well with the topics raised in the conversation thread... If you go and take a look on their page, they are each from August this year, and the titles I'm making particular reference to are:

How to cater for a new but nervous investor

  • Consider the factors behind investor nervousness.
  • Explain how to establish an effective risk-profiling assessment.
  • Understand how to build resilience in new clients.

How do you manage an excitable investor that doesn’t understand their risk level?

  • Explain how to strike the balance between confidence and overconfidence.
  • Describe how to overcome biases in excitable investors.
  • Identify how you can help clients navigate peaks in confidence.

How should a client close to retirement asset allocate?

  • Describe the importance of good asset allocation
  • Explain how to achieve this with the use of alternative assets
  • Identify the key areas to be aware of to ensure your client's aims are achieved


  • It was a really good session. I had a chat with Finametrica this week and they were talking about their newer system which expands on things like 'composure' which sounds like it could be helpful putting those headlines in the middle session into practice. I'm meeting Oxford Risk too soon and I think they add this behavioural insight layer to an extent too.

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