AF5 Analysis available now

The Expert Pensions case study analysis for Jim and Sandra is READY and AVAILABLE NOW. Jim and Sandra are just two years away from retiring. They're wealthy enough for IHT to be a cause for concern, but they enjoy travelling and are fortunate enough to be in good health so they might not want to give too much away just yet, at least not outright. They'd like to make a lump sum gift to their grandchildren to assist payment of future university fees. But, is that a good idea? Many believe student loans represent good value. Also, is a lump sum investment really the way forward? Would regular savings be better? So many things to consider here, and much more going on in the fact-find, but that's AF5 for you!

Alongside our analysis we are giving you a 'Technical Study Guide' - an opportunity to refresh your understanding and focus on the key subjects we feel are relevant to this particular case study. This companion to your analysis provides very useful background reading and WILL save you time. Build confidence for exam day knowing that you have comprehensive coverage of the case study.

Two fantastic resources to help you pass AF5

Best of luck to anyone sitting the October exam :smile:

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