R06 Case Studies


The case studies have been released and we have our full analysis of both available to download now with access to our forum to ask questions, discuss and dissect...


Here's a quick overview :smile:

Case study 1: John and Karen

Here we have a married couple approaching middle age with two young children and very little in the way of financial protection (despite the fact this isn't one of their stated aims!). John says that he's self-employed, but chances are that neither his sole client nor HMRC will see it that way. If he incorporates, the off-payroll working rules - one very hot topic - are likely to apply. In addition to protecting their new mortgage, the couple are also looking at their retirement planning needs. Tricky for Karen as a non-earner.

Case study 2: Steve and Trish

So, how do you provide a higher rate tax payer with a tax-efficient income without taking a PCLS? Time to revise UFPLS. Or, perhaps, should we be thinking about using their non pension assets instead? Tax efficiency isn't just about income tax, what about IHT? A particular red flag for Steve and Trish is not having a will. Dying intestate is time-consuming and costly at the best of times, but with a dependent adult child the need to plan ahead is even greater than normal.

Good luck to everyone sitting R06 this month.

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