R06 September 2021 - Brand or BTS?

Hi All,

I'm scheduled to sit R06 in less than 4 weeks time and I was just wondering if anyone has any insights on the Brand FT analysis vs the Bespoke Training Solutions (BTS) analysis?

I've used BTS for R03 - R05 and found them really useful, but all my colleagues state Brand FT is the 'go to' resource for R06 (although they've never used BTS). I just wanted to see if anyone on here had any opinions?

Also, any other R06 tips are always appreciated!

Thanks All.


  • I've never used BTS so can't compare the two but I did buy the Brand analysis for the R06 April 2021 exam and found it very useful. They had notes on every question that came up and I passed it first time.

    If you have access to the RevisionMate forum I would suggest either starting or joining a WhatsApp type group on there. There seem to be people setting them up for each exam sitting with others who are sitting at the same time joining. I was in one with 30+ people and found it very helpful with everyone sharing ideas and possible questions / answers etc. A good way to get different perspectives and think of things you might not have done yourself.

    The exam isn't as bad as some people make out. Remember to always apply your answers back to the case study situations and write more bullet points than there are marks available.

    Good luck!

  • Hi

    We (Expert Pensions) provide a full analysis with discussion forum for R06, we have written a blog with some top tips which you might find useful too:


    Best of luck and fingers crossed we get some good case studies :)

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