AIM ISA Report Templates

Afternoon Everyone

I have a client where we will be advising on an AIM ISA portfolio but we haven't advised on one before and will be needing to put together a report template so just wondered if anyone had any recommendation of anywhere i might be able to get some other templates refer to and have a look at

Thanks H


  • Have you got an idea of which provider you will use? Sometimes they can provide some good wording for templates if you ask them.

  • I did think if this but as we will be doing the AIM portfolio ourselves in house so I wouldn't expect the providers to let us have any wording with us not using them

  • I'm sure Octopus used to have a template - I can't find it in my files but I distinctly remember having a template from them (it was obviously based around their products but the context would still be useful for you). Maybe get in touch with their team and see if they still have it available - they're usually really good for resources.

  • Off topic but that's brave doing an AIM portfolio yourselves, especially if for IHT purposes as not all AIM stocks qualify so some serious DD will be needed!

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