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Hi All,

I am looking to book my Ro2 exam. However, I am not sure if I should just get the CII book and exam or get the book, exam and the extra revision aids. I am also looking at potentially getting other resources from the likes of Brand or Wizard instead of the extra revision aids from CII.

Is anyone able to share their experiences on which options they chose and what they recommend. I have used Brand before and liked that they explained the reasoning for the answer opposed to CII just stating the section of the book to look at.


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    edited September 2021

    I've recently started the R0 exams, I passed RO1 using the official CII study book, while I was happy I passed, I think I was very lucky. The questions in R01 were phrased in a way that the CII book and Revision Mate app had not prepared me for, I can honestly say I felt very uncertain over about 80% of the questions I answered. The questioning style was alien to me.

    For R05 which I've just passed, I only used the BTS Study Guide and Brand FT Question packs, and I got 47/50. I appreciate it's level 3 not 4 like R01 but what had changed for me was I felt fully prepared for the questioning style. BTS do a great job of breaking down the CII exam questions and helping you apply the knowledge to practice. In the R05 exam, I can honestly say I was 99% certain I'd passed before the result came up, which is so contrasting to how I felt in R01. The Brand FT question packs are great too, very similar to the CII exam style, I just practiced them relentlessly and used the BTS guide to school up on my weak points.

    I've now started RO2 with BTS and I am really impressed by the guide, it's so much more interesting to read than the CII stuff which is very technical and dry.

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