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Just wondering what training plans people implement for brand new trainee paraplanners and those that join the company who are already qualified.

We have never had a robust training process and looking to get one in place, but not much clue logistically about what other firms do to ensure the individual is supporting and a key sign off process included

Interested in what everyone else does to be successful at this



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    Hi Jenny,

    What we do with our paraplanners is start with the basics. We start with topics like data gathering and ensure they understand exactly what they include and what information should be going into reports. We also take them through templates which helps to build their knowledge for future cases.

    If you want to talk about what our internal training process is I'd be happy to help! We also offer internal training programmes too, that could potentially be of use to you.

    You can pop me an email at [email protected] if you'd like to know more.

  • Hi Jenny,

    I've launched an online self paced "Communicate for Impact" programme aimed at Paraplanners. Among other things, it helps them to translate technical concepts so that they're easily understood by those who are outside the industry. I collaborated with Caroline Stuart to ensure the material is technically robust and compliant.

    The 6 modules are:
    1. Attention: make sure people read what you write
    2. Action: get faster responses without chasing
    3. Articulate: convey technical concepts so that your clients understand them first time
    4. Axe: know what to leave out so that you’re concise, client friendly and compliant
    5. Assemble: structure and layout so that your client keeps reading
    6. Assimilate: consolidate, integrate and set up habits for long-lasting results

    Each module includes video tutorials, downloadable tools, skill-building assignments, feedback and support to ensure participants’ communications are concise, client friendly and compliant.

    You can find out more here:
    For individuals

    For teams:

    Or drop me a line: [email protected]

  • Hi Jenny

    For brand new trainee paraplanners, the Apprenticeship standard is a good base to start from, the details for this are here:

    I've also attached the Assessment plan used with Apprenticeships, which may be helpful too.

    For new, already qualified paraplanners, I would say that having a good structure is the key to this. I've put training plans together for qualified paraplanners and it's naturally about them learning how you do things, your processes, tools, and standards etc.

    I tend to go with a day one, week one, month one, etc, type of plan where there is a structured route to understanding the level they are already at, technically and practically (not always the same as I'm sure you know!) This will generally include all the assessments that new starters have, anti money laundering, data protection etc, as well as all the process and practical training.

    How you go about it will depend on your business needs of course, but happy to have a chat about how I've done this with new starters in the past, if you like! :)

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