Complaints to Providers on behalf of clients

Not sure if this topic has been covered before but we have been advised by our compliance company that we cannot raise a complaint to a provider ob healf of a client, as we do not have FCA permission to do so.

I understand the need to regulate claims handling firms; who get remunerated for raising complaints, but this is very different from the sort of issues we deal with (missed payments, incorrect fund switches etc) and certainly is not an income earner for us.

Just wondered if this was an issue for other paraplanners/firms


  • Pure admin errors which you are just trying to get resolved correctly are not covered by the CMC rules (as I understand it). However, if t is more complex and requires rectification of a more serious nature or compensation then this is likely to fall into CMC arena and you cannot act without the necessary permissions.
    Our firm holds those permissions so we are able to 'crack on' without any concern as and when we need to.

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