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Just wondering what other companies did in terms of a process for staff appraisals. A previous firm I worked for used a generic sheet which staff would complete (based on how they felt they were doing, what they enjoyed/disliked etc.) and then a conversation was had based on this sheet, but it wasn't role specific or very useful, if I'm honest. It was just a thing people dreaded every September..

I really want to put in place a solid appraisal process that feels personal to staff members (both paraplanning team and also admin support) and something that feels effective for helping the growth of staff and the business - if anyone would be willing to give a bit of an insight into what their firm does, that would be greatly appreciated.


  • NathNath Member

    Hi Anna

    I too would be interested in the replies to this. I am just about to take over the 121/appraisals at our firm for our paraplanner and administrator. We have a current process but it could also do with improving. Each member has their own structured development plan personal to them and we also have a list of responsibilities for Paraplanners, Ops, Admin etc. We also have 3 metrics we discuss...Behaviours, Development and Performance. We have a document for each of these metrics explaining what they are for each role and what, poor, good and exceptional may look like.

    We have a 6 monthly bonus and the bonus depends on these metrics, how they have done and the final metric is the business as a whole/turnover/profit etc.

    I suppose my only issue is whether the staff are good or exceptional is quite open to interpretation and I don't want to be in a 'discussion' every time about disagreeing whether they are good/exceptional etc. I can only link it to the metrics we have and do my best but just feel we could make improvements. My first 121s are on Tuesday so I'm sure the process will improve over time and adapt accordingly.


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