Corporate investment - the practical stuff

Hi I am working on a corporate investment, I have done lot of reading so I am up to speed on the issues around accounting basis and investment type. In principle collectives are favoured due to the fact the dividends are tax free where as within a bond they are taxed as part of the overall gain.

My query (and call for help) is as follows:

It is one thing establishing on paper what to do, it is another thing putting it into practice.

We would favour a DFM model portfolio for the size on investment as a rule of thumb regardless of tax wrapper. We use platforms heavily but most platforms doesn't seem to be geared towards dealing with a corporate investment as they are focused on the individual market. The company will need to prepare account in line with its accounting period, not the tax year ending 05/04. Does anyone have any practical experience of with this? If so, who /what did you use?

I don't want to put something forward that ends up being tax efficient but impossible for us and or the account to provide the information needed further down the line.

Thank you

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