Trust Register - How are people documenting this in reports

Following AML5, or 5AMLD whichever way you want to refer to it. More trusts will need to be registered now. So when recommending the establishment of a trust I want to detail some of the requirements of the Trust Register and the responsibilities of the trustees...

How is everyone else dealing with the requirement to register the trusts?

I have some sample wording I was thinking of including in reports (see attached) but I just wondered what everyone else is doing if anything.


  • MosherMosher Member

    We give a link to the registration site and an appendix in the report about the trustee's duties. We don't put much detail in the report itself - it's more a case of making them aware and directing them to the right information.

  • Where's the best place to look at the rules (which Trusts have to register) from an IFA perspective?

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