Ultra Low Cost MPS

I've been impressed by the presentations from Betafolio (created by the Timeline people) and their charges are 0.09%, with a fixed-fee option too. And now I see LGIM have created a 0.06% MPS. PReviously EBI seemed a popular choice (0.12%)

What other low-cost MPS have you heard of, and how do you like them? Does anyone use Betafolio?


  • MosherMosher Member

    I've recently started using Betafolio with one of my advisers. Early days but I like it so far. L&G have some decent funds so their portfolios could be good - just as long as you don't need any kind of customer service, all will be fine! I'm not aware of any others. Most of my advisers use Vanguard for cheap multi-asset investments.

  • At Sparrows Capital we manage a range of low cost, capped fee portfolios for Financial Advisers called SCore MPS. The DFM fee is 0.1% capped at £20 per client per month. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail and encourage you to get in touch with any questions you may. Contact details are available via the website... https://www.sparrowscapital.com/scoremps/

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