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The team at Nucleus have asked whether we know any paraplanners who would like to raise their profile and share their views with the illuminate online audience. We wanted to open up the opportunity to as many people as possible which is why we're posting it here.

Here's what the Nucleus team have to say and if it interests you, there's an email address at the end so you can contact them.


Here at Nucleus we host illuminate online, an online hub that is updated daily and includes interactive, motivational learning materials mainly across articles but also including videos, white papers and events written and shared by experts across the industry. The majority of the articles published come from members of the financial planning community and they’re completely independent of Nucleus, there’s no connection to any of our products or promotional activity.

We’re always looking for new contributors to illuminate and I’d be delighted if you’d consider becoming a contributor, either as a one off or maybe even as a regular writer. It’s a great opportunity to flex your writing muscles, raise your profile amongst your peers and start a conversation about a topic you’re passionate about.

All illuminate material has the aim of helping others in the financial advice community learn from others and improve their own businesses. Content comes under at least one of the following categories – Practice development, Industry, Compliance and Regulation, Financial Planning, Marketing, Technical and Investment and we ask for articles to be between 600 – 1200 words long.

If you’d like to write for us or have a quick chat with a member of our communications team to talk it through then please let us know - [email protected].

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