How could I assist (you) a paraplanner and in turn the adviser best

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In my current position as an administrator there are no paraplanners, we have advisers, a technical team of report writers and an admin team. I would do everything/anything in admin covering all clients up until the research and report writing which is for the tech team. The advisers have secretaries that would manage their meetings etc.

I'm currently moving to the south of England and interviewing for a couple IFA admin positions, and they seem to have advisers, paraplanners and the admin support.

So my question is how can I support the paraplanner to make their job easier, who can then work with the adviser more efficiently.

What would an ideal administrator do for you and the adviser?

Is it a matter of taking any of the none technical workload, and assisting then with any of the technical aspect e.g. research as best as I can?

E.g. I'd process any new business, any administration, 1st point of contact and screening calls and appointments etc.

I've worked for one IFA firm for 3 years, and 1 year with a provider, but I can see lot's of firms operate differently.

Just wondering so I know what to expect, and what I can do to help progress further in the future.



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    My initial thought it why aren't the technical team 'report writers' considered to be paraplanners at the firm you work for? Paraplanning covers a range of areas and a paraplanners role in one firm could be very different to a paraplanner in another firm, but from what you've said, I would imagine the work the technical team do at the comapny you're at is very similar to paraplanning.

    I've worked for three different IFAs and I'd say the experience you've already built on (new business, general administration, client contact, appointments) is great for an admin position supporting a paraplanner/team of paraplanners.

    One particular IFA I worked for had a great system that worked. Admin would gather all relevant information for policies (LOA/policy info etc.) and then hand everything over as a physical file to the paraplanner to complete the research and recommendation report. Once this had been issued to the client and if the business was to go ahead, the file would go back to the admin with notes of any changes (funds, charges etc.) and the admin would process the business.

    The best administrators I've worked with have had incredible attention to detail, were great at managing their diaries and weren't afraid to ask why we were doing xyz for a client. I think you make real progress as admin when you understand WHY you're doing something as opposed to carrying out x action and moving on to the next client.

    Best of luck in your interviews!!

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