Unitised with-profits help

It;s been some time since I researched a with-profits and would appreciate any help.

Would someone be kind enough to share their list of questions for with-profits pensions please.

Also I have a client that has a plan with Scottish Widows where any contributions prior to 1 July 1994 (plan started 1989) benefit's from a guaranteed 4% per annum, however the bonuses declared prior to 1989 were above and beyond 4%. Is there any way the guaranteed can come into effect?

Many thanks in advance.


  • With regard to the guarantee, it sounds like the guaranteed bonus rate comes into play where the declared bonus is less than 4%. Also, check if this is gross or net of charges, as you may find the net guarantee is more like 2.5%-3%..

    Otherwise, you need to cover off things like:
    FV and SV and if there is a difference, what it represents (MVR, Terminal Bonus, Early Exit penalty, something else...).
    Asset Mix, to assess the likelihood of bonus rates improving in future
    Historic bonus rates to identify any trends.

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