Has anyone sat these exams alongside each other? I know they are touted as a pairing for some bumper credits, but looking at a PCIAM past paper seems to have a broader syllabus than the AF4 exam.

I have started AF4 revision for June, if I were to book PCIAM also for the 1st July sitting, do people consider this a realistic undertaking? Comes out to c 60 days available to study.

As a background this is not my first AF sitting and I have RO2, J10 and J12.

Thank you!


  • GayleGayle Member


    You may have already answered this one but we do support sitting AF4 and then PCIAM as the syllabus is approx 60% the same content - but yes that does leave an additional 40+% to revise and also to get to grips with the exam style, the types of questions and the approach needed. When the CII exam was April we would encourage students to sit PCIAM in the June as that would give a few months to cover the extra study. However, only being a month apart would be quite a push and would depend on your existing knowledge and the time you have to prepare....perhaps the December sitting would be a better option?

    Best of luck

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