How many of us are there?

I've seen quite a few posts of people looking to join the industry which is great to see and well needed!

Does anyone actually know how many Paraplanners there are in the UK!? And how many Administrators there are?

I saw somewhere that there are 35,000 Paraplanners which seems crazy as there are only 27,000 advisers!


  • richallumrichallum Administrator

    No-one actually knows. We've got nearly 3,000 in this community and most of them are PPs. From my time sitting as a professional body board member until a few years ago, PPs were about 10% of the overall membership. I think it may have gone up a bit since then but I'd say it's c3,500. However, just because someone's job title is PP doesn't mean to say they are as there's no definition unlike an adviser. If there are 35,000, lots of them are incognito.

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  • PPWowPPWow Member

    Interesting thank you. Maybe there is a secret army of Paraplanners, they live among us!

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