No experience but part-qualified - Admin or Trainee Paraplanner role?

Hello there!

I have passed LP2, R01, R03 and R05.

I have just started my CV to apply for roles, preferably a Trainee Paraplanner role.

How realistic is it for a company to take me on for a Trainee Paraplanner role, without any experience but halfway through the L4 CII diploma, or should I be looking for an admin role to begin with?

Any other advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you!



  • Hi Lisa,

    Well done!

    It really varies between firms. I think there must be a clear plan so you don't end up quasi-paraplanning on an administrator wage. Also in the past I found myself with the 'potential to progress' (as in go ahead and volunteer to help the paraplanner) but unless someone takes admin work off you, it isn't that realistic to add duties to an already full time job.

    It really is so hard to find good employers and good teams. It's equally difficult to find good people to employ so be choosy and don't trust recruiters as far as you can throw them.

    Where in the country are you?



  • I see on FaceBook that Richard Marshall of Marshall Wooldridge in Leeds is looking - don't know if they would consider someone remote working if geography isn't good.

  • I dont think it would hurt to politely call a few firms in your area and introduce yourself.

  • SW1990SW1990 Member

    Its a difficult one like others said it differs between firms.

    My experience - I started off as admin and done this for around 11 months while I completed a few of the Diploma exams. The firm knew straight off the bat that I wanted to be a paraplanner however said to start off as admin as had no exams which was fair.

    They were advertising for paraplanners during my time there but I was told they didnt want to lose a good admin person e.g allowing me to progress up so I ended leaving and going to a national firm who took on those with either no exams or part qualified and stayed there for a just under a year to gain experience while completed my diploma. Whilst the reports were alot less complex to the ones I am doing 2 years on, the experience there was invaluable as allowed me to learn the basics of paraplanning without being thrown into the deep end!

    Definitely worth getting yourself out there on LinkedIn and making some calls to firms.

    Good luck on your journey and there are some great group out there for those starting in PP - including this forum, the Paraplanner Club or Benjamin Becks - FAM group which you can find on LinkedIn.


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