R06 before R04?

Hey everyone,

I have sat LP2, R01, R03 and R05.

I'm currently studying R02.

I'm wondering whether to give R06 a go in July, and whilst I wait for my results I'll do R04.

Is this realistic to do, or will I struggle seeing as I've not already passed R04?

Also, is there much to study with R06?

Thank you!



  • Hi Lisa,

    I remember suspecting my driving instructor was having me do a few more lessons than was really necessary for me to pass. I'm sure I could have passed sooner. But when I realised how many new drivers crash in their first 6-12 months and appreciated that the lessons were more about driving well than passing a test I didn't mind. I'm certain that £60 will pay off over my driving career even if it hasn't already.

    Back to your question, it depends how much R04y knowledge you have. If you have the knowledge and just need the pieces of paper, why not. But if you're still gaining the textbook knowledge, R06 does bring the R01-5 knowledge together, so even if you could attain a pass at R06, don't you owe it to yourself to achieve the best you could? There will be another sitting for R06 in October right? That isn't much longer to wait and over the course of your career, I'm sure you would benefit from learning R04 then cementing it through R06. That includes all the practise papers people here will recommend you do, even if pensions don't feature heavily in your actual case studies.

    Good luck whatever you decide.


  • The R06 paper is always very pensions heavy. So I think you could struggle. If you want to have a chat call me on 01748 822777 Luiza

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