LISA Provider Query

Looking at LISA for two 'children' living at same address.
£k pa for 3 years for one; more like 6 years for the other.
Ideally platform provider with access to reasonable range of funds (currently looking at some low cost multi asset funds; VanGuard, FIdlety etc)
(Possibly can link to a trust portfolio of £27k)
Transact would charge 0.5% (even with linked portfolio) plus £3 per quarter LISA wrapper.

Any alternative (Sensible i.e. unlikey to go bust / get bought) alternative platforms or providers? Just relay looking to squeeze platform cost.


  • SD30SD30 Member

    AJ Bell have a LISA I believe.

  • JBarJBar Member

    We have recommended an AJ Bell LISA recently - the only other of note we found is with Transact as you have said. You have other, non-advised platforms such as Hargreaves Lansdown, not sure that this would be of much use though!

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