Bulk fund switch

Morning all,

Looking for some opinions please, we are making a change to the fund we recommend for property for our clients in individually picked funds. We do not have discretionary permissions so we haver to contact all of the clients.

Does anyone else have to do this and what method do you use to contact them all and monitor replies?


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    Our company have to send manual letters out, we use Intelligent office to pull off an excel spreadsheet with the name and plan type of every client that holds a specific fund.

    Create a generic letter for all clients with the reason the fund isn't suitable and the new one is etc, and then mail them out.

    Then we have an amended spreadsheet of the Intelligent office one to say when each of letters were sent out, replied to and then processed.

    One of my personal pet hates of being an administrator is when that kind of thing is needed, or doing biannual reports to the clients 3k to 4k reports or so.

    I'm sure there must be a better way to do these things, we must go through a forest full of tree's a year haha.

  • Without discretionary management each client has to be written to individually. We sned vast majority electronically - letter, KIIDs etc. Where we can we sue Trasnact's online system to send reports, clients agree and trades are done autoamtically.
    Otherwise we are using File Haven to send secure, reply back via File Haven and then we trade.
    A small minority are post only (because they do not have an email address).
    Back Office diary system shows who hasn't replied so we can follow up.
    There is no short cut to this process at least we don't use too much paper.

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