Platform due diligence help


I am looking for some suggestions and contribution towards my platform due diligence research. We currently use various platforms but hoping to narrow it down to preferably one.

We use platforms to access DFM MPS models or multi asset funds, the latter for lower level clients.

I have so far narrowed it down to 7IM / Fidelity / Aviva.

  • Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives?

  • If anyone is using these platform providers already please can you share your experiences.

Many thanks in advance!


  • richallumrichallum Administrator
    Have you looked at using Langcat Platform Analyser to help with the research and due diligence?

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    just to add my 2 pennys. If your main CIP is DFM's, you might also want to consider accessing them directly from the fund manager - it might be cheaper.

    Works for GIA and ISA in the most-part, so will need Pensions and Bonds from a third party.

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