AF5 - March 2021

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AF5 - March 2021


  • Make sure you check out the support from Brand, Wizard, Expert pensions etc once the fact find is released

  • I have been looking at previous material and came across both Brand and Expert pensions. Does anyone know which material is better? Or am I worth getting both. Thanks

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    I'm also looking to take it in March. I have been watching the AF5 page on the website but can't see that it's possible to enter still - is this what everyone else is experiencing or is it a glitch my end? Don't want to miss out on entry!


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    Hi @Hidee, you should be able to enter via the CII website. If you try through PFS you get the choice of currency but nothing else! You can then redeem your exam voucher for either remote or exam centre sitting.

  • I did manage to enter in the end!

    Now that fact-find is released would anyone like a WhatsApp group to chat over ideas?

  • I’d be interested in a WhatsApp group
  • Hi

    I am also taking this in March. Are there any study groups going?


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    Hi everyone

    We've updated our position on offers to share paid for and licensed materials in the Big Tent. We've updated it here but thought we'd share here too...

    Paraplanners are a caring, sharing bunch and that's a good thing. Occasionally we see discussions about sharing paid for exam preparation materials in this forum. If you’ve paid for support material, it’s very likely you’ve agreed to terms and conditions that prohibit sharing.

    While the motivation is undoubtedly generous, sharing can affect the businesses that produce these materials and, if persistent and widespread, will undermine their sustainability.

    We want to support the businesses that help paraplanners, especially in this important field, which is why we will immediately delete any post that talks about sharing materials. We'd encourage you to check the terms you've agreed to before making any offers.

  • If you are sitting AF5 in March, here are our thoughts on what could be in it. Fingers crossed!

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