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Mornign all,

i have a lcient who is invested through a MPS provider. He is querying his fund balance. If it was any other portfolio i would simply go into FE but in the starting value and then see what FE thiks it should be worth now and share this with the client.

As it is an MPS i am unable to do this as although i have access ot the models through MPS provider in FE i can not change the weighting to value. I can alo not pinpoint the exact date the portfolio hit its lowest point back in March.

Have any onf you got any suggestions? I have contacted the provider and they have advised there is nothing they can do, FE have also advised the same.

Looking forward to any helpful hints


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    which MPS is it (including the specific risk level)?

    And what date range are you looking at?

  • its Parmenion strategic conviction risk grade 4, looking from October last year to now

  • Parmenion do provide a feed on FE Analytics, but unfortunately it's not one I have access to myself.

    Within Analytics there's a section called Portfolio Tools > MPS Directory. From here you can click on Parmenion and request access. Generally, those fund managers only accept requests from advisers they work with since FE charge them for each one.

    Alternatively you can contact Parmenion and ask for their performance data which is normally collated once a month (so you might only be able to get to end of October currently)

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