Pension Switching - Selectapension vs Adviserasset

One of my clients is considering dropping Selectapension in favour of Adviserasset in order to save approximately half the cost in order to support the relatively few pension switching cases he does. Having reviewed the comments in this section, there is not much detail about Adviserasset.
Anyone out there using Adviserasset? Or any other comments or knowledge about comparisons done on these two? Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  • We 'lost' SelctAPension when we left SImply Biz and their direct cost was (quite) high. Now taken on Adviserasset and v please so far.
    Admittedly not done much with it - mainly some ISa and GIA stuff. However, have also been able to use it to source suitable providers for new pensions as well using the switch comparison.
    Have never used the report options in wither for clients - use our own. Provider research and cost analysis base don the required portfolio seems good which is what we need it for. Like Adviserasset ability to either use ISIN specific funds or the version of a fund available on a particular provider / platform.
    Certainly can't see that we have lost anything from not having SelectAPension.

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