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Hi all

I have been looking at the VAT position of the above and believe given the structure they are DFM services as per section 8.1 of the Octopus Terms and Conditions below:

This seems quite consistent with the rest of the market; however Triple Point call themselves an Alternate Investment Fund in section 5.1 of their Investor Agreement and I am not sure if this changes anything.

Has anybody looked into this before?




  • HI James

    For what its worth, in my previous firm we applied VAT to fees for AIFs (mostly initial fees for EIS) as I think we came to the the conclusion they they are not retail investment products so there has been no intermediation and no VAT exemption. Can't recall why they are not a RIP though...



  • @james_macaulay The agreement you refer to states it is a discretionary management service - so VAT applies to the fees. Ther is no fund.

    The use of the word 'Fund' is in relation to the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive. It is (in v simple terms) a way of categorising the DFM offering in line with a set of EU Directove rules.

  • Thanks Tom & Richard, this is in line with my thinking but good to check.

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