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Hello, I wasn't sure where to start this chat - 'general' seemed appropriate as I'd love to know the thoughts of anyone that has come across The Paraplanner Standard as a Paraplanner and as a Manager, managing Paraplanners with and without this standard.

I am researching The Paraplanner Standard to see:

  • Why do it when I am Diploma qualified - what extra will it give me?
  • It is expensive, so what additional value will it add to me as a Paraplanner and to my employer?
  • What does it actually involve?

Have you 'studied/signed up' to The Paraplanner Standard? How did you find it? worth it? recommend it?

I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Thanks in advance :smile:


  • Michelle Hoskin can tell you all about the Paraplanner Standard, but obviously she will give a somewhat biased opinion in favour of the standard.

    Other comments I have seen see it as nothing more than a money making exercise (that said, I've seen similar comments aimed at the CII!!!)

    I don't have an opinion for or against the Standard itself, however if I was looking to recruit a paraplanner and one of them had the Standard and the other had a Diploma (for example) I would be likely to favour the industry qualification as this demonstrates technical knowledge

  • Appears a waste of money to me. But if you have money to waste, go for it!

  • The standard isn't designed to replace qualifications but to be in addition to them by assessing behaviours and skills to make you 'excel in the role' (from what the blurb on it says).

    There have been several threads on here about it (if you stick Paraplanner Standard in the search box, it will bring them all up) mostly asking questions about it, and if anyone as done it, but there haven't been many answers to be honest!

    This is an old thread, but as far as I'm aware, these questions still haven't been answered.

    It is very difficult to find out what value it may add as there is not that much information on it or costings in the public domain, and only a few people seem to have done it.

    I think your questions are very valid and I would also add, what benefit would it bring to your clients too? The reason we all keep pushing to learn and improve is to provide great service to clients (least, I think that we do!) Would you be able to look after your clients better from having a standard? Not knowing what it involves makes it hard to tell!

    My thoughts would be that if you are Diploma qualified and looking to further your development, there are plenty more options available to do so before you go down the paraplanner standard route. There are advanced qualifications, the CFP or other non exam related learning that will help you develop and are more likely to give that additional value to you and your employer!

    This is just my view of course, and I would also be really keen to hear from anyone who has done it and can provide feedback on the value it has given. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread! :)

  • I think as a paraplanner improving on your technical knowledge and gaining level six would be a better use of time and money. Have not seen any employer or IFA look for a PP attaining ' the standard' I think other things will make you more valuable.

  • Thank you for the replies!

    I completely agree, there isn't much info and it is difficult to really assess.

    The fact that we also haven't had anyone here say yes I've done it and here is the review, speaks volumes.

    I will continue some research, if I find anything useful I will update here!!
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