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I was just wondering if anyone else had issues with the PSI system Cii are using. I was meant to sit R04 at 10.30, logged in early and then had a message saying performing checks. Basically live chat had a delay, eventually go through to someone and on the phone who said about receiving a ticket number to rebook, eventually the exam when live at 11.30 so an hour after scheduled start and an hour and a half since logging in. I fully expected there was an issue and exam was not going ahead which did no doubt impact performance.

I would be interested to see if this or similar has happened to anyone else.

Many thanks



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    Hi James

    I took CF8 today in the knowledge of the issues plaguing the remote exams. A colleague of mine had to abort their first ever CII exam due to a technical error and re-booked at an exam centre.

    My exam was due to start at 10am so I logged in at 9.50 and went though the initial checks, waited for 5-10mins then the screen changed to "Proctor has been found, your details are being verified" (or something like that).

    At 10.15 I opened the chat box to find out what was going on as the screen was still loading. At 10.30 someone responded saying it was all in hand, despite my growing frustrations.

    At 10.45 my exam was "released" to me, where I had to go through the ID and room scan again!

    At 11am I thankfully started it and got through with the minimal fuss. My exam result was published within 10mins of finishing which was a positive for the PSI.

    I plan to do my next exam in Feb/Mar, hopefully there will be more improvements to the exam experience by then!


  • Hi Andy,

    Glad you got in eventually. The issue is you don’t know if everything is ok and can’t connect to live chat.

    I know remote may be the best solution at the moment but I think the PSI system just doesn’t have the capacity. I think on any given day there are too many candidates and not enough invigilators.

    It is very frustrating, It is a long wait and stressful.

    I hope they sort it very quickly.


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