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Up until now I've managed to avoid subscribing to research software (eg Selectapension/Cashcalc/FE Analytics (disclaimer: alternatives are available!)) and used my clients' logins; partly due to cost savings, and partly due to the fact that they can access the research at any time in the future should the need arise.

Now I'm in the situation where it might actually be useful as at least one client doesn't use any pension switch research software (they use Synaptics to choose the provider as part of their due diligence), which makes it somewhat tricky to work out things that aren't included on Synaptics.

I know some of the outsourced companies here have their own licences, and I want to find out whether you would still use your clients' own logins if provided, or if you just use yours all the time?

Also, how do you get around the fact that your company logo will be on some of the research (aren't we supposed to be invisible as far as the end client is concerned)?

And finally, can you give any idea of costs (I know if I call these companies they'll harass me forever!)?


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    I generally use the advisers' accounts Andy as these subscriptions can get very expensive. Luckily all of the advisers I've worked with so far have their own accounts! Perhaps you could gently point out the benefits to the adviser of using these websites so that they can subscribe? If not, you could sign up for a trial with each provider and produce the reports for free, but obviously, this isn't a long-term solution.

    Also, I think white-labelling is generally an optional feature so no need for your logo to be on the outputs?

    Hope that helps!

  • I always use my own software if I have it.

    I have FE and I wish they had a portfolio export feature in the license tier that adviser firms generally take. Other than that it's must have imo.

    I have Voyant, which means that my clients using their own licenses can share their cases with me and I can change them on my license for a clearer audit. I only have this because at least 60% of my clients are using it and it became easier to do it this way.

    I have Cashcalc, for some specific calculators that it has and for some cashflow scenarios.

    I have O&M, for when a firm mandates that a switching software output is used . And for its with profits akg data.

    Cost to me is very much secondary if I know that having software will make my service better. I've had FE since about 6 months after I started and apart from my rent it's the single biggest regular expense on my ledger. But it provides fantastic value and consistency to me.

    If you're cost sensitive then you won't buy software, because it isn't cheap. But all the software I've listed above is easily worth its license fee. I spend over £500pm on software.
    Benjamin Fabi FPFS
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