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Hi All

Wondering if anyone has taken any of the CII remotely - I know this is a new service they offer and after looking to take a multiple choice exam the only 2 exam centres that come up are Wolverhampton and London. After speaking to the CII it could be like this for weeks if not months. The 2 exam centres are 70-100 miles away and for this exam just not worth travelling to so I am looking to take the remote exam, however, after reading the regulations etc and googling for some real life feedback (not from CII exams however) I am just not sure how viable they look!

They look stressful and difficult - especially as I know I perform better under the pressure of an actual exam centre!

Anyone taken any of these exams this way and can give some further insight or thoughts as to how they are?



  • If you are taking a multiple choice exam, this doesn't sound like it would be too bad to sit remotely if possible. I imagine and hope that as MCQ papers are sat using a computer anyway, the format is more translatable to a remote sitting.

    I took AF7 remotely in July and it was a pain - very easy to reset your answers to blank, clunky to move from question to question, not clear when exam started. I know some people just straight up couldn't access the exam at all. I didn't find the actual "show your room with a webcam" etc, that much of an issue - more the system itself.

    I'm sitting AF1 and JO2 next week in an exam centre but I imagine using the same software as used in the July sitting...

  • GupalgGupalg Member

    Hi Liam

    Thanks for your insight!

    Ir's interesting to know - I am not worried about the format of the exam, like you said the multi choice should be an easy transfer to the remote - it is the show the room/show your paper/show your calculator and then ultimatley accessing hte exam and downoading software etc seems to be te general problem, also whether we are allowed to leave the room for the toilet - from the horror stories I've been reading the stress of invidilators not turning up/accessing the exam etc just seems another stress to add to a time where you want to be as calm as possible!

    Good luck next week, AF1 and JO2 are next on my list after I complete this one!

  • No problem!

    The showing room etc is fairly easy done - I'd make sure that if you use a company laptop that the software can actually run on it - the software is quite intrusive as you'd probably expect.

    I was under the impression for CII that if the exam is 2 hours or under you can't leave for a toilet break unless specifically requested beforehand. I wasn't aware of invigilators being present, I think it was a case of record and then review if the software picked up anything suspect. I expect they won't allow calculators to be used it sitting remotely at home (may want to check that) - for me the program had an on screen calculator (with scientific functions).

    Just give yourself plenty of time to set up, log on in good time so you pick any issues up sooner rather than later - you'll be fine and good luck to you also:) !

  • @LiamD25 Hi - can you advise how they check your ID? I have ordered a new passport - it has not arrived.. I went to try and reschedule my exam to find that I am now within 2 days so cannot do this now..oops Last time I tried to call to get through to the CII it was a crazy wait time on the phone.

  • @GallusAlice
    Prior to the room check I had to hold it up to the webcam and from there it took an image of my id which I then had to confirm as clear enough to see the details. I think I then had to do a mugshot.

    I've had more luck with the chat box function on the website, rather than calling CII recently!

  • Thanks @LiamD25 - Im concerned I cant sit it with an out of date passport! Alsso, were you allowed a calculator? Paper to write on ? Is the tax table on the screen. I am sure there is a document somewhere to tell me all of this?

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    Hi @GallusAlice , I sat R05 not too long ago & it was a strange but okay experience. I had to show everything in my room, desk, windowsill etc and was told off for having tea on my desk along with a coaster! The exam was straight forward to access but I needed to uninstall an app called TeamViewer (not sure if you have it or not) and was done on a company laptop.

    With regards to your ID, my Drivers License was sufficient to pass the ID checks so you may not need to have a passport to sit the exam. Feel free to drop me a message on here and I will chat to you about anything else.

    Failing that - good luck!

  • Thanks @JBar , I have sent you a PM

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