AF5 October 2020 Sitting

Good evening,

I am sitting AF5 in October (delayed from April 2020). Just wondered whether anyone had heard whether this will be remote again? I am hoping not as I didn't have enough bandwidth to be able to sit it remotely in July. I guess this will largely depend on what Boris has planned re another lockdown........

For those of you who sat the exam in July remotely, I assume that you type your answers rather than write them? Can you print out the fact find and tax tables?

I guess I will have to look into getting a broadband update next week just in case as I don't want to delay again........

Many thanks


  • Hi Angela,

    It sounds like it'll still be at your chosen venue but onscreen instead. I'm due to sit J05 on the 13th and haven't heard of any venue changes or been told that I can take it from home. I guess we'll wait and see!

  • Thanks Anna,

    That's really helpful as I hadn't seen that update.

    Good luck with the J05 exam, I sat this last October.

    Kind regards

  • It was updated today. I am also taking AF5 this October postponed from April. Onscreen exams. Venues will be updated on 30th September.

    Anyone interested in giving tips for AF5.

    Thank you and kind regards,

  • By way of an update I have spoken with the CII today and the exam time has changed again from 9am to 12 noon. This isn't what their October 2020 Exam update states (currently) however they have assured me that it will be 12.


  • Another update! I managed to book my exam online this morning via the CII bookings & results page, which took me onto the PSI website to book the venue.

    The time is now showing at 9.30am.

  • Hi Angela, I did AF5 remotely in July. This was based in my office, typing the answers. I wasn't allowed to print the tax tables or fact find, but the screen is divided into four - questions top left, space to answer bottom left, fact find and tax tables on the right hand side, with a separate scroll bar for each of these sections. There's also a built in calculator.

    The only thing I was allowed on my desk was a clear bottle (no label), 2 sheets of plain paper and a pen. I have no idea if you'll get the same system or whether it's changed at all since July. As you'll be at a test centre, they might give you print versions of the FF and tax stuff. Even if they don't, it's do-able, just a bit...different to normal!

  • Hi, anyone willing to form a study group PM me.
    Thank you.

  • Thanks for the information Mosher, that's really helpful :smile:

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