CII "Exam Results Pending"

Hi guys

New on here, but what a great resource to have!

Last week I "passed" R02 (remote invigilated) but the results still haven't been confirmed on my CII member page. They say results are published within 24 hours but no news for quite a few days now...

I've tried calling, emailing, the chat box... but it is IMPOSSIBLE to speak to anyone at the CII.

My other exam results were published within an hour of submitting the paper, so I'm finding this strange.
Would just like to know for sure that I've passed!!

Anyone else had this happen to them?
(And does anyone know how best to actually speak to a human being at the CII?)



  • Hi Jonathan,

    Usually takes one week for the actual score to be uploaded to the website for you to view.

    If you’ve managed to see it on there before the 1 week point before than that’s quite fortunate but I’ve always known it take 1 week.

    I know the CII are inundated with calls etc at the moment so whilst it’s frustrating I also wouldn’t want to be on their end of things either!

    Well done.
  • Congratulations on the pass, Jonathan!

    Much like Joe, my scores generally took a week to update online too. The fastest I maybe had a score result was in around 3-4 working days?

  • Same as with the others, always takes a few days (and I've done 7 exams with the CII and all the same!),
    For future reference, I always get a print out from the exam centre where I can just for the peace of mind.

  • Thanks guys, the result did come through in the end so all good :) I think it was the promise of a 24hr turnaround that threw me, no idea why they’d put a tight deadline if not able to work to it..!

    I guess they’re still figuring out the bugs in the remote invigilation process

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