CII Remark

Does anyone have any experience with remarks? Especially R06.. Would be great to hear some feedback if possible!


  • Hi,

    I got my AF5 remarked and it increased by 2 or 3 marks which gave me the pass!

    Hope this helps!

  • edited September 3

    I had one of my AF7 papers remarked and still failed!

    The good thing about remarks is that you get much better feedback from the examiner which you may find helpful for future sittings

  • mrbmrb Member
    Thank you both for your feedback. I need 2 marks (1.3%) so my I have everything crossed.

    How long did it take you both to receive the remark??
  • I am not too sure, it was a while ago now - sorry. Good luck!

  • For my April 2019 sitting, I think we got the results a day early. I called the CII first thing on the Friday to get it remarked, and got a response on 25 June 2019. I still have the feedback in my email!

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